Date: January 3, 2017
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Compatibility Guide

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For playing online and for best compatibility, download RVGL

Download the game files with music

1.2 and RVGL are not supported. WolfR4 is just a launcher with tweaks for Re-Volt 1207 (v1.10 nocd). You can use them side-by-side, though.

Yes, you'll need to install Re-Volt 1.2 or RVGL.

You can post your time trial records on the Re-Volt Live forum and see if you can beat the others.

There is a tool called Re-Volt (RV)House. Download the game and get going! Infos about daily races here.

Only for 1.2 and older versions: In order to play through a network firewall or router, the following TCP and UDP ports must be open on the firewall or router: (Technical information (table) taken from Microsoft Knowledge Base)

Protocol Type Ports for Joining/Client Configuration Ports for Host/Server Configuration
TCP 47624 Outbound 47624 Inbound
TCP Inbound and Outbound 2302-2400 2302-2400
UDP Inbound and Outbound 2302-2400 2302-2400

The configuration varies between routers but the values remain the same and multiple sites around the web can aid with this.

It's recommended to set up a DHCP reservation or set a static LAN IP to prevent losing the ability to play and host due to a IP change.

How to create custom content

Yes! You can grab some on Re-Volt Zone

Guide about custom content

Some tracks require a specific version to be installed. This will either be a recent alpha of 1.2 or RVGL due to the support of advanced custom features.

Tracks made with the in-game track editor are referred to as lego tracks. Since it's not too hard to create them, there are a lot of them on Re-Volt Zone. Thus, not so many people are interested in racing on them, so be prepared if you do decide to share your creation. Maybe be creative with the built-in editor and turn your track to a lego extreme track.

Thanks to Hot Violet, Manmountain, Abc/Juest, Phantom and all others for providing questions and information.