Date: April 21, 2017
Authors: Re-Volt Community
Categories: Wiki
Tags: about

This is the wiki page of re-volt.io.

It is maintained by some people of the Re-Volt community. Registration is closed at the moment to keep the content of this website clean. There also is the wiki hosted at wikia, however, we're not satisfied with the quality of the articles there. While we could change that, we figured it's better to go with a self-hosted version so we have more control. Due to the lack of admins there, many of our articles there have been vandalized.

The main focus of this wiki is content creation as well as technical details of the game.

Work in progress:

Information about cars and tracks themselves will be found on the Creations part of the site.
You will later find downloads and other things in the archive at archive.re-volt.io.

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